Juneau Housing First Collaborative

Providing essential support and housing solutions to Juneau's most vulnerable citizens.

The Juneau Housing First Collaborative’s mission is to end homelessness and achieve equity, health, and dignity through housing, connection to services, and community.

Juneau Housing First Collaborative, previously known as Juneau Cooperative Christian Ministry dba The Glory Hall, was established in 1982 to address homelessness, hunger, and alcohol dependence among the disadvantaged in Juneau. Starting as a soup kitchen, it later evolved into a dedicated facility. This facility operates 24/7, offering 3 meals a day and emergency shelter.

Recognizing the critical need for permanent supportive housing in Juneau for individuals struggling with addiction issues, in 2015, the organization took a leadership role in creating the Juneau Housing First Collaborative. This has provided 64 units of permanent supportive housing through Forget-Me-Not Manor since 2017, with plans for an additional 28 units in Phase 3, set to commence in spring 2024.

The organization’s dedicated efforts revolve around providing essential support and housing solutions to Juneau’s most vulnerable citizens, underscoring its commitment to addressing homelessness and addiction issues.

GRANT AWARDED – $100,000


Juneau 99801 AK US
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